There is nothing quite like the unconditional love and affection of our trained therapy dogs. Our Connecticut pack is  filled with love and enthusiasm from their warm, wet noses to their wagging tails. Once you meet these sweet, loving animals you fully understand the expression "man's best friend". 

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You will meet our wonderful new bunnies, Monday and Tuesday, and guinea pigs, Brownie, Cookie, and Blondie.

In addition, staff member Logan Morris has two wonderful AaTs Credentialed Therapy Dogs, Toby and Eddie who are actively involved in client sessions and external programs.

Emma (In Memoriam. 2006-2019)

Emma passed away this Spring at age 13 after a tremendous 10 year career as an AaTs therapy dog. She was a Golden Lab/Collie/Shiba Inu mix. She came to us originally as a foster dog who survived the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina...but never left us!! 

She has loved her career but health issues prevented her from working the last six months of her life. She will be sorely missed.

Kenzie (Retired)

Kenzie is a Chocolate Lab/maybe Spaniel mix. She came as a rescue from Hurricane Katrina with her sister Kayla. We think she is a little older than Emma and will be 13 years young December, 2018.

It was love at first sight via the Internet pictures. She and her sister were very ill and unable to make the trip from New Orleans for four months. It was a very special day when they arrived in Connecticut! Kenzie is very quiet, gentle, and has particularly loved her therapy work with young children and seniors!

Kayla (Retired)

Kayla is Kenzie's sister and is also 13 December, 2018. She came from Labs for Rescue, also a victim of Hurricane Katrina. Extremely ill while in New Orleans, we are forever grateful to her shelter "mother" who took Kayla home and over a three month period nursed her back to health. Kayla looks and plays like a little brown bear! Tag and Keep Away were her favorite games! While walking is difficult for her now, she still enjoys an occasional walk in the woods.

Zoey (Retired)

Zoey came to us February 2014 as a rescue and has been a great addition to our family of wonderful Therapy Dogs. She is 11 years old, a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Hound/Boxer mix. 

Zoey was a registered service dog for her owner who unfortunately passed away. She was trained to be a mobility service dog, offering physical support to her owner. She is kind and sweet, a real "gentle giant". She loves her new job as a Therapy Dog for AaTs and is a friend to all.

She loves hiking in the woods, running and playing with her family members, Emma, Kenzie, Kayla, Winnie, Maggie, Molly, and Chewie!


Ahh...sweet Winnie arrived from Houston, TX on March 21, 2015. She is a Poodle/ Dachshund/Yorkie mix. She is about 5 years old now.

She had a rough start in life, and was very traumatized and shy when she arrived, but has decided she really loves her new life in Connecticut! She loves all her family pack members and her job as a therapy dog.
Winnie particularly enjoys working with the elderly population and our private clients.​


One of our newest pack members, Maggie and her sister Molly were found at 6 weeks abandoned in a West Virginia Coal Mine. We brought Maggie and Molly home at two months. Both pups are now 4 years old.

Maggie has a spirit that is filled with love, giving, and enthusiasm for life! She is a Black Lab/Terrier/Cattle dog/Beagle mix topping her out at 43 pounds of incredible muscle and athleticism!

She absolutely loves to play, hike, swim and is particularly good at many tricks and agility!

Maggie has become an incredible Therapy Dog and works well with many different populations. 


This sweet 4 year old is absolutely in love with fetch and retrieving - Molly will play for hours on end and particularly loves when she can retrieve in the water! She is a great swimmer and very athletic!

Molly is a bit lankier than Maggie. You can see her hound-like body and hear her hound-like howl! Molly is gentle, sweet, loves to cuddle and absolutely loves her family!

She has topped out at 38 pounds and has earned a nickname of "spaghetti," because she is so malleable! 

It was a great day when both she and Maggie passed their therapy dog evaluations. Molly has become a great therapy dog and loves to visit children and schools.


Chewie came to us as a year old rescue, February 2017. Our intent was to train and place him as an emotional support dog, but during his training it was easy to see that he is an exceptional therapy dog. He is wonderful with little children or our elderly. 

After much consideration, we decided to keep him and have him join our AaTs team!

Once afraid of water, he is now an avid swimmer and loves to play fetch at the beach. He has become a confident boy and loves his new family!

In Memoriam


September 19, 1999 - April 8, 2014. Great, great Therapy Dog for 13 years.  The true founder of Animal Assisted Therapy Services. She will be sorely missed.

Gretyl passed away at the age of 15.  She was a pro at therapy work having done it since she was three years old! She was the veteran of our pack and had been to many places during her career.

She loved visiting and working with children, adults, and seniors! When she was older, her visits were limited, but she looked forward to them!


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