At Animal Assisted Therapy Services, we are building
the power of the human-animal connection

The mission of AaTs is to provide adults and children with with physical, cognitive, and psychosocial disabilities the opportunity to experience the power of the unique human/animal bond as therapeutic intervention thus promoting lifelong health and wellness.

In addition strives to bring Animal Intervention education to its community.

Animal Assisted Therapy Services (AaTs), a non profit 501c3, has been providing the finest in equine and canine therapeutic interventions since 2009. We are dedicated to training, research, and education in the emerging field of Recreational Therapy. Our programs are staffed by amazing professionals, each having a specialized talent to share.

The Herd

The therapy horses in our Connecticut herd are not just thoroughly trained, gentle and compassionate, they are also a vital part of the AaTs family. Get to know these beautiful animals and you just might fall in love. Experience them in person by signing up for an Equine Assisted Therapy session (mounted or un-mounted), or by becoming a Volunteer

The Pack

There is nothing quite like the unconditional love and affection of our highly trained therapy dogs. Our canine partners are  filled with love and enthusiasm from their warm, wet noses to their wagging tails. Once you meet these sweet animals you will fully understand the expression "man's best friend". Experience their gentle nurturing ways through one of our Canine Assisted Therapy appointments, or by becoming a Volunteer.