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Diesel (Retired)

Diesel is a 27 year old bay Morgan/Quarter Horse. He came from Colorado originally and was Western trained for trail riding. He came to Connecticut and began working with Chris in 2006. They have been best friends for 17 years.
After many years of service as a key therapy horse, lesson horse for both jumping and dressage, Diesel is retired on Chris's farm in Delancey, NY. He still enjoys rides with Chris and long trail walks.
He and Chris enjoy scenery and seasons in the beautiful Catskill Mountains and Diesel really enjoys 40 acres of grass to munch on during summer months!

Little Blue Guy, "Blue"

Blue is a six year old Registered Quarter Horse from Missouri. He joined us on the farm May, 2023.

He is training in dressage and is an excellent trail horse, too! He has not started doing therapy work yet as he is still in training, but he is a gentle, friendly soul and it won't be long before he will be ready for a try at an unmounted program.

He loves his herd buddies and is the "Recreational Director" of the group. There is nothing more that he adores than organizing a good game of galloping tag with Diesel and Merle!

"Mini" Merle


Merle is a 14 year old mini horse. He started his career as a pulling pony but suffered an injury to his shoulder and was no longer able to do the job.

He moved on to working as a therapy horse for an unmounted program and loved the job. He would stand quietly for hours while his mane would be lovingly braided.

He joined our herd as Diesel's companion and has quickly become much loved by all who meet him on our farm. He is great in an unmounted program as he loves to be groomed but we also hope to train him in agility.

Merle 1_edited.jpg
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