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Internship Opportunities

AaTs has extensive internship opportunities  for college students of all different majors.  We have worked with a number of different Universities, some of which are Southern Connecticut State University, Sacred Heart University, Quinnipiac, and more.  We have had many different majors come into our internship program, psychology majors, recreation therapy majors, criminal justice majors, marketing majors, and more.

As an intern at AaTs, you will be given opportunities to work with clients under employee supervision, work directly with our therapy animals, and learn how to work them in a medical or school setting.  Due to the close relationship you will grow with our clients and our animals, we have high expectations for our inters, and expect professionalism at all times. As an intern we will rely on your commitment and timelines to appointments on your schedule.  The directors of AaTs are educators at heart and we love to watch our interns learn and grow.  The transition from beginning to end of the semester spent with AaTs is drastic.  Come join AaTs and help us in our mission to share the human animal bond to those with disabilities.  

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