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Acquiring A Credentialed AaTs Emotional Support or Service Dog

Emotional Support and Service Dogs
Do you have need for a trained working dog to support your physical, cognitive, or emotional needs? We can help! AaTs can acquire and train your perfect therapeutic canine companion. 

"Fred", seen in the top photo at right, came from a high kill shelter in Tennessee and is a perfect example how we help both animals and people. 
This family wanted an emotional support dog for their son who is wheelchair bound. There were allergy issues, so we went on the hunt for a poodle type mix.
Upon arrival in Connecticut, Fred was in intensive training for four months while being fostered by one of our volunteers. The volunteer observed each professional training session, then practiced every new skill at home throughout the day.
In addition to basic commands, Fred was trained to jump up on our lap while seated in the wheelchair, walk on a loose leash beside the wheelchair, and play fetch. His unique training provides the opportunity for this little boy to walk and play with his dog like any other child.

Pictured below Fred is "Buddy", another great emotional support dog for this young man who was experiencing isolation and loneliness.


AaTs dogs have a training period of approximately 8-18 months depending on the dog and the work they will be trained to do for their human. During the training process, AaTs boards and trains the dog in training.

The owner/handler is actively involved during the process.

Expect costs to range  $8,000-$10,000 for an Emotional Support Dog or $35,000-$40,000 for a Service Dog.
These specially trained dogs can help with depression, PTSD, autism, or physical/learning disabilities. 


For more information on service animals and emotional support animals click here.

For CT Service Dog laws click here.

For Federal Service Dog laws click here.

AaTs does not offer this training at this time. 

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