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Help horses ROAR the loudest today thru Oct 10!

Horse lovers everywhere have from now through October 10th to prove that HORSES have the LOUDEST ROAR. The EQUUS Foundation is the only horse charity of the seven in Animal Planet's 2016 ROAR (Reach Out. Act. Respond) Campaign! Helping horses ROAR is easy as 1, 2, 3: 1. Click here every day as much as possible to help horses win the $4,000 Most Traffic Award. The more clicks the better! 2. Vote here once a day for the EQUUS Foundation to help horses win the $4,000 Fan Favorite Award. 3. Share this link - - with your friends to help spread the word! Helping the EQUUS Foundation in the Animal Planet ROAR Campaign will help horses everywhere! Let’s get ROARing!

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